Distilling Therapeutic Essential Oils & Hydrosols

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Therapeutic Essential Oil Distillation and Infusions: With the recent surge in popularity of essential oils comes the questions regarding safety, processes and therapeutic applications. This intensive will cover the step-by-step process of distilling your own botanicals at home for therapeutic use, making hydrosols and the best ways to bring this intense powerful tool into your apothecary.

Enrolled students will receive a thumb drive of lessons, tutorials, recipes and new advanced-level resources along with an herbal care package of wildcrafted herbs, product materials and supplies and containers mailed to them.

*Students have the option of purchasing a distillation unit for this course when we do a school group buy.

During the advanced intensive, students will get hands-on training with:

• Learning safety practices for working with essential oils and hydrosols

• Working with wildcrafted medicinal herbs for use in distillation

• Set up of distillation equipment

• A home set-up for distilling in your kitchen

• Distilling of medicinal therapeutic-grade essential oils at home

• Hydrosols: creation and storage and usage

• Packaging and storage of essential oils for use or sale

• Discussing carrier oils and how to make your own

• Essential oil blends and formulas

• Applications of oils in products

• Several different methods of essential oil distillations

• Working with various forms of botanical materials for a distillation

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Steam Distillation Example: Monarda


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