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This is an online course and you do not have to be at our physical campus to take the course. It can be done from any place with an internet connection.

The population over 65 years old is growing rapidly and the US healthcare system is struggling to keep up with a huge workload for chronic and acute conditions specific to the aging population.

In this workshop, we will cover some of the common aging conditions that respond well to natural and herbal therapies. This is especially helpful for those who are sensitive to or can not tolerate pharmaceuticals and need extra care. I will teach you how to make and use several formulations that will help support and strengthen the body.

  • Learn about soft tissue and joint issues like arthritis, muscle atrophy, bone fractures from falls and how we can support the musculoskeletal system with herbs
  • We’ll cover recipes and herbs that can be used as a powerful herbal liniment
  • How does the digestive system fare in the aging process and what changes
  • Herbs to support elder digestive health, appetite and sensitivities
  • Non-pharmaceutical nutritional support and how to incorporate this into your practice
  • How to work with the fragile skin tissue of an elder, frequent bruising, skin tears and dryness common from dehydration
  • Mental health and depression support for the elderly

You will need: All preparations we make in this workshop are designed to be made in the home kitchen. Students will need basic kitchen gear like an oven/heat source, spoons, bowls, storage for preparations, baking supplies, etc. A list of exact materials will go out prior to the live class for students who want to make their creations during the session!

*Attendance to the live class is optional, as is making any of the preparations during class. Class will be recorded for students to view later.

We send out a box prior to the workshop with ethically wildcrafted herbs and materials you will need for making several formulas. Tuition includes materials shipped within the US, but international shipping is not available for this workshop. Students who want to participate from outside of the US can request a list of the herbs we are sending out to source locally.


Kaye Mendez


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