Infection & Inflammation for Herbalists (On-Demand)

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This is an interactive course and you do not have to be at our physical campus to take the course. It can be done from any place with an internet connection.

*This course is currently available on-demand. There are no shipped materials or live classes scheduled for on-demand courses.

The primary goal of this module (as with all the pathophysiology modules) is to understand the body’s response systems through the eyes of the herbalist.

This 4-week, online course includes 2 live (which is recorded and then accessible through download as well) classes per week will explore in depth the separate topics of infection and inflammation, as well as the pathophysiological relationships between these two worlds.

Injury, illness and healing in the body can be more fully understood by investigating the mechanisms through which our immune systems respond.  For instance, while it may be considered a more “symptomatic” approach at times to address inflammation directly, it is also through understanding the mechanisms of inflammation on both a systemic and local level, that the causes of disease can often be more fully assessed.  Managing inflammation and/or infection often allows the body to recover enough to begin a healing process that is otherwise impossible.

Topics that will be explored in this course include:

  • Understanding inflammatory pathways as an herbalist
  • The immune system – vital physiology
  • Systemic vs. local inflammation
  • Chronic vs. acute inflammation
  • The role of the immune system during inflammation
  • Wound healing and infection management – advanced topics
  • Materia medica and target-specific medicine making
  • Breaking through the cycles of infection and inflammation
  • Organ systems, inflammation and plant medicine
There are no shipped materials for this on-demand course.


Sam Coffman and Carol Jones


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