The Grower’s Summer Toolkit (The Steward, Part 2)

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This is an online course and you do not have to be at our physical campus to take the course. It can be done from any place with an internet connection.

In three weeks, learn how to avoid the ‘summer slump’ for common gardening issues that can affect your herbal yield and success.  

Herbalist, homesteader and gardener Thomas Bryant will walk you through the next steps in Part 2 of the Sustainable Gardening Program. We will explore water management, worm bins/composting creativity and troubleshooting common summer issues that can affect your herb, plant and food gardens.

Water has increasingly become an issue for herb producers, gardeners and homesteaders across the country.  Thomas will cover in detail water-saving methods that will work for your crops and any animals or bees you have on-site.

The 3-week course will cover:

  • Water projects – from water wells to rainwater catchment – what you need to know
    • Drilling your own well – how to approach this
    • Legal concerns around water
    • Two different drilling methods
    • Building tools used – what is needed
    • Updating an existing well
    • Setting up your rainwater catchment system
  • Alternative irrigation methods during the hot months
    • Misting systems
    • Barrel and wicking systems for beds and planters
    • Making Ollas from clay pots
  • Building shade houses
  • Worm beds and how to take your compost to the next level
  • How to build and maintain black soldier fly breeding beds
  • The Summer Slump – how to avoid common garden issues
    • Insect infestations
    • Helping your berry patches survive!
    • Dealing with the local wildlife
    • Fungal diseases – what should you do
    • Overheating greenhouses
  • Summer projects in your garden/farm
    • Marketing Farm days and kid-friendly activities
    • Preparing for the fall tree plantings
    • Establishing a water source for bee hives
    • Releasing beneficial insects
    • Bird feeders for the balanced eco-system


Thomas Bryant


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