Woman in the Woods Module 2: Preparedness Skills

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This is an online course and you do not have to be at our physical campus to take the course. It can be done from any place with an internet connection.

Do you want to feel more comfortable outdoors in nature? Have you always wanted to go camping but don’t know what to take and don’t know how to choose a safe location?

The Woman in the Woods’ is a series of 3-week online courses designed to empower all genders and all ages over 16 to spend time outdoors and in nature with confidence and enthusiasm. Outdoor Educator Jen-Osha will share her backcountry experience to help you plan and carry out your own outdoor adventures.

This second module is focused on introductory ways to incorporate “primitive skills into being prepared for life. Within the larger series, the focus of this module is to give you practical skills to care for your body in the outdoors and increase your confidence in yourself and your personal connection to the living world.

Students will touch on these topics:

  • Staying warm with your clothing choice
  • Starting a basic fire and creating a fire kit
  • Staying hydrated with clean water
  • Nourishment for your trip and some basic wild edibles
  • Discussion of different options for shelter
  • Essential knots for tarp shelters
  • How to camp like the students at Mountain SOL*! With guest instructors!

*Mountain SOL stands for the Mountain Stewardship and Outdoor Leadership School, a sister school of the Human Path, that works primarily with youth aged 6 to 16.

As we move through the course, you will build your survival bag with the essential tools you will need. You will be asked to take pictures of weekly projects to share with Jen-Osha and/or the class if comfortable. The final project for this class will be to create and use your survival pack to set up a basic fire and campsite!

The goal of this class is to nurture your connection to the natural world as a source of strength that empowers you in whatever situation you find yourself in – mom life, single life, married life, pandemic life – at this moment. Jen-Osha is an experienced and passionate educator who looks forward to growing and learning right along with you!

Each module will be a deeper exploration of topics, and begins with:

Module 1: Planning an Outdoor Trip (May 2023)

Module 2: Preparedness Skills (June 2023)

Module 3: Personal Safety (July 2023)


Jen-Osha Buysse

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