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Hello everyone!

This year we want to make sure everyone has a moment to start off on the same page for this certification course!  If you are coming in from the fall internal course, some of this may be a partial review, and for brand-new students — it will give you the basics of what you’ll need to know about for working in this course.  

Please make sure to read through this before beginning the first videos.

1) What do you need to have for this course?  We go over this in the first live class (1/3), but much of the materials you will need can be found in your kitchen.  If you do not already have a spice grinder, this is very helpful for a lot of the refinement techniques we do when making products.  A mortar and pestle is also helpful for small batch items, as are knives/cutting tools, various sized glass jars for storage of your projects, cutting boards and a clean work space.  Please look for the detailed supply list that will be reviewed in the 1/3 live class.  

2) Computer technology.  As part of this class, students will be making labels for their herbal products.  students will find it helpful to have basic word processing programs like Word or an equivalent to make that process easier.  If you don’t have Word, there are many online software programs that can help you with making labels and apothecary items.

3) Our winter schedule.  We like to work with guest instructors when possible, and are always looking to include new material whenever we can. You can find the course syllabus, live class schedule, links to join your live classes, and the link to sign into Slack where you will be submitting your assignments in this welcome section! 

4) Your herb packet.  If you are in the San Antonio area, you can arrange to pick them up from Suchil by emailing her at this address: The herbs will not be needed until 1/10.  Please make sure we have your shipping address confirmed – if you have not already done so, you can confirm it with Ana at

Welcome and let’s get started!